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Inviting all Ph.D. scholars, SRFs, and JRFs with a flair for inspiring and leading! Join us as Research Champions and be part of something extraordinary. Your passion and leadership are the keys to our collective success!

Research Champion Responsibilities

As a Research Champion for Gloverse Labs, your fundamental role will be to foster the growth of the Indian agricultural research ecosystem. You will undertake various responsibilities that align with this objective:

Cultivating Success

Supporting Agricultural Entrepreneurs​

We would love to support anyone who wishes to launch their own venture. Alongside Gloverse Labs, proactively identify and promote agricultural entrepreneurs who possess the potential to revolutionize the industry. By assisting these entrepreneurs in their endeavors, Gloverse Labs contributes to the growth of the agricultural entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, fostering innovation and economic development.

Innovation Champions

Pioneering Cutting-Edge Research​

Promote cutting-edge research by raising awareness about Gloverse Labs and its initiatives. Use social media and presentations to generate interest among professors and researchers, encouraging them to explore innovative approaches and advanced techniques in agricultural research.

Feedback and Insights

Driving Continuous Improvement​

As a vital link between Gloverse Labs and your institute, your role involves providing valuable feedback, suggestions, and insights. Beyond specific research initiatives, you can also address industry trends and unforeseen challenges in agricultural research. By sharing your expertise, you contribute to the continuous improvement of Gloverse Labs’ programs and initiatives, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence in Indian agricultural research.

What’s in it for You?

Becoming a Research Champion for Gloverse Labs comes with a range of exciting perks and benefits, including:

  1. Gain access to 5 hours of complimentary technical consultation per year to support your projects. Leverage Gloverse’s expertise in cutting-edge technologies like sensors, automation, software development, IoT, and AI to enhance your project’s success.
  2. Join the esteemed Gloverse team as a paid consultant or subject matter expert on a project basis. Contribute your skills and knowledge while being rewarded for your expertise.
  3. Unlock the opportunity for joint research collaboration with Gloverse. Seamlessly collaborate on innovative projects, leveraging the combined expertise and resources to achieve groundbreaking results.
  4. Enjoy tokens of appreciation in the form of delightful gifts and goodies. Gloverse recognizes and values your contributions and ensures you feel appreciated and motivated.
  5. Earn commission on sales by referring clients to Gloverse. If your reference converts into a client, you’ll receive a commission as a gesture of recognition for your valuable contribution to the company’s growth.
  6. Preference to receive funding for your research project through Gloverse’s research charity fund. Gloverse prioritizes giving back to the research community, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that 10% of the company’s profits go towards a charity fund supporting research initiatives.
  7. Elevate your professional profile as a research champion. Gain visibility and recognition through your profile featured on the Gloverse website and have the opportunity to contribute blogs and articles to the vibrant Gloverse social media and research community.
  8. Receive support in establishing national and international collaborations with universities and companies. Gloverse will assist you in forging meaningful partnerships that open doors to exciting research opportunities and further professional growth.

Why Gloverse is doing this and what's in It for us

Through empowering research champions and fostering collaboration, we aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of farmers, communities, and the agricultural ecosystem as a whole by dedicating to promote Indian research and agricultural advancements. Here are some points to make things clear:

By fostering cutting-edge research and leveraging advanced technologies, Gloverse aims to position India at the forefront of AgriTech innovation. We aim to empower Indian researchers and farmers to develop and adopt state-of-the-art solutions, establishing India’s prominence in the global agricultural landscape.

By engaging and empowering research champions across different institutes and regions, we believe we can create a collective force dedicated to fighting for food security and sustainable agricultural practices.

We understand that investing in agricultural research and promoting a culture of innovation and collaboration is crucial for future generations. By involving research champions, we can cultivate a talented pool of researchers and scientists who can contribute to the ongoing development of Gloverse’s agritech solutions.

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