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An intuitive, internet-controlled solution designed for precision plant growth. At its core is the cutting-edge Smart Climate Control System, offering automation and real-time insights tailored for diverse indoor environments. Whether you’re into soil or hydroponic farming, this system streamlines operations and boosts yield. It’s not just technology; it’s a promise of convenience and efficiency, ushering in a new era for growers.

Robust design
Informed decision
Remote sensing

Features of Product




Light Intensity
Carbon Dioxide

How it will help

Room Sense

It is a stand-alone device which can be plug n play with in a fraction of second You can measure, compare and analyze all the variables such as temperature, humidity, Co2 etc of your room using analytics on your smart phone. This incredible compact system is essential and smart move for every farmer.

Device Controllers

It connects electrical appliances with the internet. You can attach any device such as motors, pumps, AC heaters, fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, Co2 tank etc and monitor it through a mobile application. For example, you can start/stop any device when temperature or humidity reaches a certain predefined value provided by you.

Smart Led Grow Light

It provides a unique spectrum and intensity of light for a smooth photosynthesis process. You can control, and analyze as many grow lights as you want within a fraction of a second. This amazing system creates a virtual farm and helps you for a better visualization.

Experience Hi-Tech Farming, Manage It Globally, and Savor Life’s Moments!


This system is a one-stop solution to all your growing requirements. You just need a seed or plant sapling, growing medium and a place to perform your operation. To grow any plant we need sufficient light, temperature, humidity, water, and nutrient. It consists of grow led light which takes care of quantity(intensity), quality(spectrum), and duration of light required for plants. It has sensors that measure temperature, humidity, co2, and luminosity and based on these parameters you can set a value through a mobile application and devices can be started or stopped with the help of a device controller.
This system is robust and all three components of the system are independent of each other and can be used in any configuration or pattern as per your specific requirements. You can share your farm or lab details or problems with us and our experts will suggest and fulfill all your requirements. We believe in resource optimization and sustainability, so you can expect a jugaad, cost-effective and environment-friendly solution from our side.
You don’t need any technical education or skills or knowledge to use it. The system is very simple and our team provides complete training from installation to how to operate and use efficiently. We love to help people and will provide all the possible help from our side to achieve your goals or objectives.
  • You can control, measure, and analyze all the important growing parameters of plants even when you are not on the farm.
  • You can see the past data of your grow room/farm and our analytical tool will help you in making informed decisions.
  • You don’t require any technical expertise or knowledge to become a proud owner of a hi-tech farm or lab.
Phytotron is a setup that is used for studying plants under various combinations of environmental conditions. This system has the capacity to provide desired environmental conditions such as light, temperature, humidity, Co2, etc. which affect plant’s growth. Gloverse’s smart growing system is the core technology behind phytotron and it converts existing facilities present at your place into an advanced phytotron. You can control, measure, and analyze all the important growing parameters of plants through a mobile application and generate reports. It is the best and affordable phytotron available in India because we can customize it as per our requirements.

What people are saying about us

  • Mr. Puneet Pandit
    I was not getting advanced features with particular wattages in my budget so I contacted gloverse and asked them for custom light. They developed the 800 W grow led light and shipped it within 15 days. The most important feature is you can change the intensity and control it remotely with the help of a mobile application. It is very helpful as it saves my commute time.
    Mr. Puneet Pandit
    Indoor grower, California USA
  • Mr. Abhishek Singh
    At first, I wasn't sure about the gloverse's grow led light. I was using normal pink led light in my indoor hydroponic farm then Mr. Deepak recommended a specific spectrum light for my plants. I am using their light from the last12 months, my crop cycle time has reduced drastically and I got higher yield. Thanks, Gloverse for the quality product.
    Mr. Abhishek Singh
    Hydroponic grower, India
  • Dr. Bhanupriya Sharma
    We were using fluorescent lights in our botany lab for photosynthesis and there was no significant growth of the plants so we have decided to purchase gloverse's grow led light and we got amazing results. In this light we were able to set a timer for auto on-off, thus it increases my research accuracy.
    Dr. Bhanupriya Sharma
    Dept of Botany, Mohanlal Sukhadia University

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