Precision in Automation for Smarter Living

Effortless control, ensuring your comfort and energy efficiency!

In a world where forgetting is human, our product ensures your appliances won’t. Detecting human presence, Third Eye autonomously controls lights, fans, and air-conditioners based on:

  • Human occupancy and movement.
  • Real-time ambient temperature.
  • Ambient light levels


Energy saving
Appliance Automation
Reduce Carbon Footprints

Offline & Secure

Key Features

Effortless Appliance Control

Detecting Human Presence via Thermal Imaging for Smart Automation.

Precision Stationary Human Sensing

 Advanced Technology for Accurate Detection and Monitoring.

Appliance Automation

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Appliance Automation for Effortless Control and Convenience.

Seamless Autonomy

Let Your Device Decide Without Internet Dependency.

Where it is applicable

Private/Govt. Offices



Warehouses/ Factory


What people are saying about us

  • Mr. Puneet Pandit
    I was not getting advanced features with particular wattages in my budget so I contacted gloverse and asked them for custom light. They developed the 800 W grow led light and shipped it within 15 days. The most important feature is you can change the intensity and control it remotely with the help of a mobile application. It is very helpful as it saves my commute time.
    Mr. Puneet Pandit
    Indoor grower, California USA
  • Mr. Abhishek Singh
    At first, I wasn't sure about the gloverse's grow led light. I was using normal pink led light in my indoor hydroponic farm then Mr. Deepak recommended a specific spectrum light for my plants. I am using their light from the last12 months, my crop cycle time has reduced drastically and I got higher yield. Thanks, Gloverse for the quality product.
    Mr. Abhishek Singh
    Hydroponic grower, India
  • Dr. Bhanupriya Sharma
    We were using fluorescent lights in our botany lab for photosynthesis and there was no significant growth of the plants so we have decided to purchase gloverse's grow led light and we got amazing results. In this light we were able to set a timer for auto on-off, thus it increases my research accuracy.
    Dr. Bhanupriya Sharma
    Dept of Botany, Mohanlal Sukhadia University

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