Important Factors of Plant Growth

There are various factors that affect growth of plants but major factors which are essential for the plants to grow and survive are Light, Temperature, Water, and Nutrients.


Sunlight is one of the major reasons for the fruiting and flowering of plants during the summer months and shedding leaves during autumn as cold weather approaches. Sunlight helps plants in photosynthesis and is required in different amounts by different plants. One of the reasons your plant suffers during winter is due to the less sunlight it gets. But now you don’t have to depend on sunlight for your plant’s growth anymore as sunlight can be replaced with Grow LED Lights which act as sunlight. In fact, Grow Lights can improve your plant growth in a better way as you can adjust the light according to your plant requirement which would haven’t otherwise been possible in the case of sunlight.


Temperature speeds up or slows down the growth rate of plants. A higher temperature will encourage growth and speed up the process. Therefore, some fruits ripen fast during summer when the temperature is high. Also, the temperature is one of the reasons why many plants don’t grow in places like Antarctica where the temperature is very low, and places like the Sahara Desert where the temperature is very high. But now modern technology is removing these barriers and making growing plants available in any place. In an Automated Farm, temperature and humidity can be controlled which will protect your plant from the external environment and help you to speed up the growth of your plants.


Plants cannot function without water, as it is needed for transporting nutrients and organic compounds throughout the plants, for maintaining cell turgidity for structure and growth, and for serving as raw material for various chemical processes such as photosynthesis.

Water is required by every plant to survive. Even plants that live in the desert such as the cactus need water, they just need less water than other types of plants. Knowing the right amount of water required by your plant is important as too much water can cause plants to die and too little water can affect the growth of plants. With the help of modern farming technology, it is possible for you to know the correct amount of water required by your plant.


As humans need nutrients to grow and stay healthy, plants too need nutrients. Most of the nutrients that plants need are found in the soil. Primary nutrients that plants need are – 1) From soil: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, 2) From air and water: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. Plants also need some secondary nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur but these are usually needed in moderate amounts compared to primary essential nutrients. The growth of the plant can be stunted if it lacks any nutrients. 


The reason why nutrients are considered a major factor of plants growth and not the soil is that nowadays with modern farming technology and with the method called Hydroponics plants can be grown without soil. But plants cannot grow without nutrients.

Modern farming technologies are making farming easy and convenient and are also helping in increasing productivity and yield by using the above factors in the right amount. We at Gloverse Labs are developing such farming technologies that will help you in doing precision farming.

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